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Friday, November 21, 2008

Producing Abundant Mrutu

The key success of breeding swiftlet is by providing natural diet. It is because a swallow needs 4 g of diet in form of insect everyday. If the harvesting target is 10 kg of nest, therefore a minimum diet as much as 14 kg/ day should be available for 2.500 productive swiftlets and 1.000 unproductive swiftlets.
It can be realized by breeding mrutu — a kind of insect in diphtera family— Agung, a swiftlet breeder in Mojokerto, East Java. '100 kg in one day is also possible, depending on raw material amount', Agung said. Agung only provides soybean flour and rejected noddles that are mixed becoming like porridge. Then, add mrutu seedlings. Certainly, abundant mrutu can be yielded everyday. (Dian Adijaya Susanto)

by Trubuson